First I found an extra magnet on the fridge, then I noticed my lamp had been moved around. I felt like those times when I wasn’t certain if my memory had been working right or not. Then one day, a knock came at the door, and I turned my head in silence. Who could be knocking at this time of the night? The TV flickered in black and white and I had a beer on the coffee stand, and I was in my shorts being comfortable in my loneliness; but when that knocking came, my heart rate sped up, and my mind filled with curiosities. I knew someone was there, but I didn’t answer the door. I got up and strolled quietly until I could put my ear to the wood and listen: no sounds were coming. Again the magnet on the fridge caught my thoughts, and though I couldn’t hear someone out there, I felt I could sense some form of tension. Then I heard the soft clicking of a hard shoe, and my eyes grew wide. Some individual was standing directly on the other side of the door, and I had no idea who it was. I hadn’t had friends over in years, and I was void of love, for I was unlovable. I thought of the phantoms that haunted the lonely because of the regrets and the guilt that lurked in their hearts. I thought of the beings who disguised themselves as humans and infiltrated the lives of lost souls through their crafty ways of gaining access. I thought of the others I knew who had disappeared by the strange circumstances, and I felt all the pain of their absence in the memory. Someone was there for me, because it was late and the alley ways were quiet.

I took a peek out the window and thought I saw shadows; there was more than one. The lamp I noticed actually was out of place, and now they were here to confront me, to take me away. They monitored my presence until the moment arrived of which they could take no more; fate stood at my door to end it.

Everything grew eerily quiet. The shadows seemed to vanish, and I let myself wander back into the living room to gaze on my thoughts about the matter, the magnet seemingly glaring at me from the kitchen. My eyes felt glossy and I chewed my nail, and then came the pulse-pounding sound that had me nearly jump out of my clothes…whoever it was, was knocking harder than ever.


2 Responses to “Conspire”

  1. The focus on the magnet is so great!

  2. Writing fiction is such a treasure, and it’s nice when someone appreciates it.

    I appreciate your visits, Nancy

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