I woke up screaming today. In the dream, I was alone, running through a tunnel, and things were chasing me; ugly things. They were loud and they were yelling and hollering. I turned a corner and there was a woman clawing the bricks, and she looked at me, laughing a quick laugh before she tried to gouge my eyes out. The edge of my eye was bleeding and I ran past her. She melted into a pool of acid where a wisp of smoke rose, but I was long gone, running. I could still hear the chaos following me: I turned to look, and a large beast was in the middle of them, rearing its scaly head above the rest. It had red eyes and its fingers tore at the smaller creatures. I could hear it speaking to me, telling me everything would be fine if I would just stop and talk for moment, but the size of its nostrils above its rack of sharp teeth had me think otherwise. Before long the tunnel opening led to a large field where a wedding was taking place. I was lifted into the air and swung around so that I could see the bride and groom as though I were performing the ceremony. Opening their mouths, the couple touched each other’s tongues together, and their tongues united and became one. They tried to separate, their eyes growing wide, and I woke up screaming by the blood that began to trickle.


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