She Stares

From the window clawing, she stares
From the doorway crack, she stares
From the rearview mirror, she stares
From behind my back, she stares

Nails sharp, serrated edge
Rotted teeth, sacred pledge
To watch me die, alone tonight
To eat my flesh, a payment plight

She stares from the sky in my nightmares
She stares from the water wide awake
She stares from the astral plane beyond
She stares from the bank of the lake

Hungry never to tire
Sleepless blood desire
She stares with her voracious greed
To fulfill her infernal decree


2 Responses to “She Stares”

  1. Good staring striking lines there. It seems her staring is eternal. Desire is eternal. She may make your flesh ‘fresh’ on a good turn, perhaps.

  2. Thank You, Sulo.

    Interesting alternative perspective.

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