Only Until I Die

How long can this last?

Why couldn’t I have her?

I think about her over and over again, and all I can see is my hideous figure, my deformity.

I wish I could say to her that I love her, I want to, but all I can see are the pains and the miseries of rejection.

How long can a loveless life last?

The ones who exist will come for me and they will take me away, and I had hoped that my guardian angel would find me and save me.

But if I thought I was going to be free, I found the abandonment as painful as the freedom.

Does one know how long this can last?

Do people love the disfigured?

I’ll just wait and watch until the day when the weight of my sorrows complete their work, when I can be a part of the earth without memory, the public burial.

But until then, how long can this pain last?

Only until I die.


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