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Posted in poetry, prose, writing with tags on April 22, 2010 by Shadow

The desert is a vast open space where the vitality to live is a rare occurrence.

Death comes to those who venture into the desert.

The bones of dead animals lay scattered in various places.

When one traverses the desert, false images taunt one with the hope that life will come for them, but it never does.

Insects crawl upon the desert floor, hiding the secret of living from the unwary traveler caught beneath the blistering sun.

White light blinds and exhaustion exceeds the desire, and the sand invades the mouth until the last of life is extinguished.

Forgotten, destitute, failed, denied, the desire to live vanishes amid the hallucinations of the angels circling above.

When the vultures come, the wide eyed stare of the dead comforts them.

The meal that is my flesh satisfies their depraved appetites.

Time passes and my hopes become one with the rotted bones of long past.

No one knows, no one ever finds me, dead in the desert that is my mind.



Posted in poetry with tags , , on April 20, 2010 by Shadow

Pulled by the gravity of pain
Decided upon by death’s grip
Obliterated by the lonely hours
My soul is drawn to the grave

Each hour, each festering hour
Is the eternity of what will come
Is the eternity of what was
Is the eternity what forever is

In the spaces I see the shadows
The lost, the unloved eyes
Cold and vindictive by life’s
Eternal sea of shame

Each second, each festering second
Is the needle that punctures my skin
Is the knife that severs my flesh
Is the blade that slices my limbs

Drawn by the false promise
Of hope that things will change
My need to quell desperation
Is cured by taking your happiness

She Stares

Posted in poetry with tags on April 19, 2010 by Shadow

From the window clawing, she stares
From the doorway crack, she stares
From the rearview mirror, she stares
From behind my back, she stares

Nails sharp, serrated edge
Rotted teeth, sacred pledge
To watch me die, alone tonight
To eat my flesh, a payment plight

She stares from the sky in my nightmares
She stares from the water wide awake
She stares from the astral plane beyond
She stares from the bank of the lake

Hungry never to tire
Sleepless blood desire
She stares with her voracious greed
To fulfill her infernal decree


Posted in prose, writing with tags on April 17, 2010 by Shadow

“I can no longer feel emotions,” the ghastly figure stated with a gnarled, sickening voice, “I have summoned the powers of the void to remove the heart that beats.”

It stared at me, and nothing else happened. I wasn’t even certain the words were spoken aloud, or in my mind. In time I began to feel a great weight in my own heart, and the beating grew intense as though an explosion would occur in my chest. My eyes felt lethargic and my hands quivered with melting sensation, and I suddenly felt like a burst of heaven had entered into my being, that I had ventured into a nexus of never ending joy. I sensed the being luring me, as though my pain had been its pain, as though its pain had been mine. Was the being even there? I struggled to stand still and my legs felt like folding at the knees, and yet I was fixed in place, awaiting some need to be fulfilled. I wasn’t sure of resisting, and I wasn’t sure of acceding; I just wanted my pain taken away. I felt all the sorrows of my life, why I was in that godforsaken place, where at night the foul creatures roamed in search of souls to devour. Everything had come to rest in a fitful nightmare for myself that I realized, this grotesque thing before me, was my salvation, my angel of death.

“I will remove your heart,” it spoke, “and you will live peacefully in eternity, as I.”


Posted in prose, writing on April 14, 2010 by Shadow

Forever falling from an edge becoming distant, I grew used to the rushing wind flying in my face, and my eyes no longer stung with pain. I looked around; all I saw was blackness, and I kept falling and falling into the chasm I once fought so hard to avoid. I had been walking along one day, struggling, and I missed a step, and I realized the step I missed was the one that would not forgive. At first my heart beat so fast that I thought I died, yet in time the bottom never met with my body, and I felt like I was going to fall forever, away from the hope I let slip from my fingers.

Everyone had to turn away, the sight was too unnerving, and I became a being of non-existence, unloved and undesired in my disfigurement.

The fall was helping them to erase me from their memories.