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Posted in poetry with tags , , on May 24, 2010 by Shadow

Spending hours together
So many hours, trusting
A loving bond

Sown to the heart
Strands attached
Someone, me believing

Cherished smiles
Hands held
Beneath stars

With tenderness
And gentle soft
Caresses of skin

I looked to you
A rock
Immovable and

Without warning, the
Cold throng of pain
Rang long and low

Pulverizing the iron bell
As an icy knife
Pierces a heart

Quivering, thunderstruck
Numbing disbelief

Found within
The Lie

Suddenly imprisoned
Truly alone

Hours pass in silence
Shadows by candles
Flickering ghosts

Each moment sinking
Wandering vastness
Sea of confusion

Emerging slain, changed
Empty of tears
My skeptical eyes

Falling upon a different world that now surrounds
And I thought I saw you, as though you didn’t know me


Burning Fire

Posted in poetry, Uncategorized on May 18, 2010 by Shadow

I have fires burning in my thoughts.
Fires of hate searing with intense heat,
Melting with embers of shame
Drifting up from the flame.
My eyes burn holes into those that look,
I walk alone through crowds of those
Who repel and avoid my every step.
I glance at a stranger,
Their head turns away;
I look at a woman,
She passes my empty soul;
I look at a family,
Protective angel guides them
From sharing with me
Their happy ways.
Reach in and feel my heart
Frigid fuming acid jealousy,
The memories of a day
When I longed for a life
Have all but vanished
Into the flames
Of the burning fire.

Will You

Posted in poetry with tags , , on May 14, 2010 by Shadow

Open your arms to me, and allow my body to meld into yours
Open your heart so I can live and be free
Open your mind so we can share a thousand tomorrows
Open your soul, so together we become one

Please, because I don’t have any problems


Posted in poetry, prose, Uncategorized, writing with tags on May 12, 2010 by Shadow

The hell, left for the wolves. Through black pits of tar my mind was dragged till up it came coated, dripping with muck. I viewed the world through the ooze where my thoughts severed and tore with disgust. I was appalled with what happened because what happened was appalled with me:

I was born.

She went to a church and she pushed me out of her womb, and without knowing what or who or how I would do, she left. She had her life on her mind, and I was in her way.

I still think about you, mother, I think about who you are, where you are, why you never came back to say, “but wait a minute, my baby…that’s my baby.”

A Vision of Hopelessness

Posted in poetry, prose, Uncategorized, writing with tags on May 8, 2010 by Shadow

Cascading down from high and simmering mountainsides that rose steeply from the valley floor of which, their brambled layers bore nothing more than the marks of charred and blackened scars, these winged creatures soared, the magenta glow dripping from the sky illuminating the ugly and mutated curves of their horrid shape. They fed on souls lost in the nakedness of those woods without warning, swooping through black, leaveless branches and gliding through empty spaces where one could try and hide from the core of their voracious hunger and hate. Piercing all ears with terrible shrieks, fear tore furiously for that hour, and those caught by claws were taken to unknown places where the unimaginable occurred. In one corner of a burnt glade, two of these creatures fought over a preyed upon soul while in another, obscured from view by a tree barren with soot, a soul would quiver and shake within the hope of one more day’s escape from frightful capture. Another space away, and the heart chilling screams of a soul could be heard, where the clawing and clamping jaws rending tender flesh animated beneath the bony sockets of cold eyes that fired stares of sheer evil, eyes no living being could look upon and live without enduring inexplicable pain.

When the end of the hour came, the shrieking frenzy could be heard to fade slowly into the distance of the red skyline crags, and once again the souls would seek to sit out the darkness among the embers and the ashes, hoping for relief that could not come, and knowing, knowing that all too soon, the return of dread and terror would strike to carry off the others until they, too, would suffer the same.