Born Again

Shunned. Exiled. Despised. Hated.

Trembling through long tunnels of despair a lost soul counts each brick, made of every misery known. Enduring all that time could lay upon the shoulders, the weight became too much, and the thought of the sun rising to glare upon yet another day of pain became a thought of dread. Long and sullen the ages became the eyes, and the hollow stare emanating told of the limit, the nearing end.

The shade hung in midair lifeless, where the black clouds gathered, chanting the praise of victory over happiness in pealing sounds of rumbling thunder.

Lying in wait, the vast accumulation of pain and hate oversteps the boundary. Boiling and bubbling within the lifeless body, eyes grow open wide, and new life flows cold with greed. Bound to the insatiable thirst, all remembrance of what was good lies pasted in a film obscured by hunger, and for every second endured of the pouncing bitterness, life’s morbid infliction, the eyes grow wider, the teeth chatter, for only the flow of blood can now satisfy and fulfill the denial of life and light.


2 Responses to “Born Again”

  1. hi,
    my name is roger, i’ve started something of a literary journal at
    with your permission i’d love to feature this there.
    if you’re interested let me know at
    i’d link the byline back here.

  2. Thank you for your interest, and thank you for asking permission.

    Please link back to “aolaris” and this webpage, then provide link for me to access so people know of the originating source, this type of poetry does not come easy.

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