Burning Fire

I have fires burning in my thoughts.
Fires of hate searing with intense heat,
Melting with embers of shame
Drifting up from the flame.
My eyes burn holes into those that look,
I walk alone through crowds of those
Who repel and avoid my every step.
I glance at a stranger,
Their head turns away;
I look at a woman,
She passes my empty soul;
I look at a family,
Protective angel guides them
From sharing with me
Their happy ways.
Reach in and feel my heart
Frigid fuming acid jealousy,
The memories of a day
When I longed for a life
Have all but vanished
Into the flames
Of the burning fire.


2 Responses to “Burning Fire”

  1. Amazing. Your intensity is refreshing.

  2. There must be value in being free from restraint.

    Thank you sincerely for visiting

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