Spending hours together
So many hours, trusting
A loving bond

Sown to the heart
Strands attached
Someone, me believing

Cherished smiles
Hands held
Beneath stars

With tenderness
And gentle soft
Caresses of skin

I looked to you
A rock
Immovable and

Without warning, the
Cold throng of pain
Rang long and low

Pulverizing the iron bell
As an icy knife
Pierces a heart

Quivering, thunderstruck
Numbing disbelief

Found within
The Lie

Suddenly imprisoned
Truly alone

Hours pass in silence
Shadows by candles
Flickering ghosts

Each moment sinking
Wandering vastness
Sea of confusion

Emerging slain, changed
Empty of tears
My skeptical eyes

Falling upon a different world that now surrounds
And I thought I saw you, as though you didn’t know me


One Response to “Betrayed”

  1. If only more people could read this..

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