Long Needle

Polished chrome and frightfully sharp at the point, a long needle fit firmly in the grasp of a demon.

Circling its foul dripping tounge, the eyes fixated with ferocity that could have killed its prey by looks alone.

The needle, used from the other side of the dimension, penetrated the psyche to infiltrate the boundaries of God where innocent thought lie unsuspecting.

With drool that fell and giggles that sent shivers through the ugliest, the intent lurking was never anything but the sincere and purified purpose of devouring the human condition.

Once inside, the demon would poke and jab and tear then inject the brainwash psychologies, demolishing all that was good.

Satisfied, a barrel of laughter would ensue as the inflicted would wander off into the world, helpless, and not understanding of the pain and woes and depressions he suffers.


2 Responses to “Long Needle”

  1. I reserve this space for sheerness.

    I thank you for reading, especially as I am self-required to shed my thoughts that are…as any can see.

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