My Passion, My Desire

pic by wrydology

Deep into the thick of the night
Within my each heartbeat lies
The vivid memory of every time
You, the only love I’ve ever known
Your delicate fingertips
Grazed the edge of my skin

Each unread page of a book
That sits gathering dust
Heralds the endless thoughts
Of the long warm hours
I spent with you

Do I shake and tremble
Do I shiver on a summer night
Am I lost to a helpless vision
Does an eerie calm reflect
The truth, I’m lying to myself

And the moon burns white light
Into the paralyzing midnight gloss
Reflecting the icy austeriy
From the quickening depths
Of my piercing blue eyes
As I stare out the window
Wondering on the life that follows
If love is a certainty

Should destiny be kind and fate listens
If eternity for once could surrender
To elude the clouds of infinity
The hope ascending from my deepest wish
Will fullfil the runaway madness I feel

When you complete the tender empty spaces
Where my passions and my desires
Rise like embers from the flame of a lucid dream


One Response to “My Passion, My Desire”

  1. I love this…raw! ❤

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