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Everybody Knows

Posted in poetry with tags on August 13, 2010 by Shadow

He has to walk the other streets

And he wears a different style of clothing

He can’t visit the same places anymore

And he’s got to smile at cashiers for friends

His eyes glance downward when certain cars pass

And he clings to his pride according to what his shame allows

He doesn’t need love anymore because love won’t have him

And his feet hurt from being perpetually on the move

A bird passes by, softly gliding above the cemetary lawn

Where he sits thinking, peacefully alone

Because he knows, with a sudden pulse

That everybody knows about him


Hidden But Not Lost

Posted in poetry on August 7, 2010 by Shadow

When I was born the wretched figure of death
Flew from my being, knowing I was destined to live
Retreated into the shadows by flight
Death lurked hidden, but not lost

I lived and one by one the pices of my heart
Were torn by life’s wolves, gnawing the shreds
Until the blood fell from my mouth, the last
The final drip of all my innocence drained

Returning from the veiled space of life
Death hovers, the circling vulture
And my eyes look around for love
Because I am so painfully scared

Of dying alone