My Confession

I was hoping to see you
Maybe you would notice
Then you know you’d make me smile
Why did all this happen?
Where am I to go?
My heart is soaking blue

No matter how the time it will pass
I’d never change a thing
Because you’re everything to me
This wasn’t supposed to happen
But everywhere I look
I can’t stop seeing you

Climbing the steepest mountain
I’m blind until I reach the top
The world view opens up
A world I see with you
Imagination’s quite the thing
Just images with a sting

How can I change it
The past following me
If I live alone solitary
Life isn’t alive but dying
I wish I knew how to believe
That you weren’t really gone

I don’t attach myself to the living
Like the dried leaves
Lying at the base of a tree
I’m disconnected, dead
Blown down the street where
The waters gather carrying them away

My confession is of my loss
That if I could feel the rays
Of your sunshine warming
The walls of my frozen heart
I would never look back
Thankful for all I could ever ask


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