Meat Grinder

– courtesy of The Wall

“A woman died today because the electric company shut off the power that ran her automatic breather.”

Why doesn’t each segment of society have a meat grinder for the people that they can’t stand? They know they can’t stand them, yet hide behind the lies of religion and philanthropy. Life would be so much easier for those who are living comfortably if they didn’t have to deal with those who have trouble living. People that bother others because they are having problems should be shot by the government and placed into large meat grinders to be made into fertilizer. People who are suffering should be eliminated, just like in nature, when the herd leaves behind the sick and disabled to be eaten by wolves. Then the people who have life figured out would not have to bother themselves with helping those who distract them from living out their lives. Meat grinders are hopefully already being situated in this world where masses of people are being shut out and left to starve. How much easier it is to be rid of those cankerous types of whom, if they never knew the feeling of happiness, why should they ever know it exists? A well sharpened industrialized meat grinder could solve much of society’s problems if society would just give it a chance. The countries sicken with over population and the only solution any governmental operation can think of is to round them up for slaughter so they won’t be such a problem anymore.


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