We were together, I was in love
Adrift in a heavenly place

Flowers they grew, spring breezes they blew
A smile always pasted my face

God’s grace it showered, droplets of Eden
Thine eyes could only I see

A graze of your skin, your falling gold hair
A mystery enrapturing me

Deep in the night, our hearts they enjoin
A teardrop could fall from my eye

Your look in the moonlight, spotted by starlight
Vertigo, love fell from the sky

I looked to the days, of times we would share
Nothing could alter my mind

Devotedly bound, resplendence of passions
Our love was like no other kind

On came a day, the rain it had poured
I gazed on the watery path

I raced out to meet you, to help you along
And oddly I saw that you laughed

A stern hand had saved you, so there you now stood
Safe as baby that sleeps

Keen words that were said, my heart how it bled
The hand that you kept was for keeps

Days they grew dark, from visions I saw
I was the third of the three

And on came the spring, and with it a ring
He gave by the shade of a tree

I looked round myself, did anyone see?
A fool knows the rules of attention

I sauntered away, a taut empty place
Awaited my soul’s desolation

In time I sensed, white make-up so crude
With red stains that outlined a smile

Dripping revulsion, resisting compulsion
To laugh like a loon for a while

With orange satin trousers and bright fiery hair
And shoes ugly bulky and blue

Like holding balloons, with a grueling red nose
I see now, I was only a clown that loved you


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