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When I Love You

Posted in poetry with tags on April 22, 2011 by Shadow

When I love, I love you. It’s as simple as that.
Why do you think it hurt so bad to see you leave?
My love is a castle of steel whose walls deflect
catapulted stones of hate as though they were pebbles.
I love like the universe; it never goes away,
always existing and unremovable.
The love I have absorbs pain and turns it into tears,
and wanders confused until the blindness is lifted.
You don’t love me, empty, you leave me be,
my love dissipates and disappears upon the sea.



Posted in poetry with tags on April 18, 2011 by Shadow

Guttural giggle, dicey eyes
What’s this? You’ve cast a spell
Ghastly oil strands of putrefying hair
Your maggot lapping worms
Is this, you’ve sent me to hell

Woman or thing
Gnarled leather skin
Potions boil your wretched face
Bones, slippery skulls and disgrace
Belies your stomach sickening grin

Chanting to lure
A lost child’s delight
Sanguine knives for sacrifice
Drooling salivary to roll the dice
Fiend, a circle tonight

Drip drop the blood
All hails, piercing shrill screams
Gathers demonic laughter
No love nor life here after
Flesh in a pot like red cream

Witch leave me be!
Who’s hired your Godless art?
I haven’t done wrong I tried
Innocent, I have not lied
Unforgive me, my limbs torn apart