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Posted in poetry with tags , on June 23, 2011 by Shadow

By the slain bodies, victims of my utter neglect, I look around thunderstruck and weep.

Over and over again, I slayed them with my pride, and lashed at them with the whips of my jealousy.

Like wounded, beaten slaves, they pleaded to give but love, and I glared with beet red eyes.

Love! …gah, the bitter stones of the cemetary await the remorseless throes of love.

And I, bound by ugly hate, coveted tender flesh until emotion became raw.

Fleeing, no heartstrings could tie my soul but the lecherous larvae within, my selfishness.

I tortured them with my greedy snares, snapping steel traps freezing unto the bone.

By their solemn weeping the gangrenous wounds filled my appetite until my loathing grew.

With the cold spaces of death, their coal black, lifeless eyes, I fell backwards,

Smote by the anguish of isolated millenniums to come.


Today, I’m Getting a Gun

Posted in poetry with tags , on June 1, 2011 by Shadow

So tired of finally seeing, how beautiful I think you are
Then finding how much you despise me
Today, I’m getting a gun

Frankenstein’s creation was not hostile, he gently tried to fit in
Then quickly they all despised him
Quickly he began to run

I feel like the monster today, gently wishing for love
When trying I feel all the cold world
Today, I’m getting a gun

When my eyes are dull and my fingers red
Told another heartfelt lie
I know well it’s no fun

The world can cry out and cheer loud
And someone might die cause
Today, I’m getting gun

Forcing myself to care for machine claws
Cut pumping hearts open wide
It’s something to shun

A sea of tears in up to my ears so it sears
Salty I found the clue so
Today, I’m getting a gun