I am Changing


Beginning this day there will be some changes.

People will see this change because things will not be the same.

Matters will operate in a different fashion and there will be a series of reactions accordingly.

Such change will mean that the old way of doing things will no longer be done.

A difference in the way circumstances unfold will become apparent, and people will notice.

The basic flow of situations and events will work in opposition to the manner in which they previously existed.

Things that were, won’t be anymore.

Times will feel differently than they did, because lives will experience a shift from what was originally thought of as normal.

Past protocols will sustain significant alterations while specific processes will endure prominent reformulations.

Aspects of life that have been adapted to will undergo metamorphoses and there will be an awareness of novel activity.

Please do not attempt to interfere with the nature of this change, as results could be harmful.


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