After traumatic events led to a major disorder in my thinking, something bizarre occurred. One day I found myself face-to-face with a doorway into another world; and yet, it was a doorway into my mind. I saw beings there that looked like people, and they saw me in return. I say they looked like people because in some ways, they were more like creatures, mutated forms mocking the shape of a human.

Being seen like this was jarring; startling. Their eyes felt like my eyes, as though I were watching myself. I felt fear, a fear they could grasp. I tried to cope, but a haunting sensation tore through me, the kind that told me I wasn’t important to anyone. The feeling was crippling and I wanted to hide, but wherever I tried to move to, their eyes followed me.


4 Responses to “Un-Alone”

  1. We are never alone. God is with us no matter where we are. Even in the recesses of our mind. God is there. Blessings to you…

  2. brujsims Says:

    Such a haunting story. Sounds like someone is giving you a wake up call for your soul. There are many things I this life that we don’t understand nor can I mind truly perceive them. That is why we need one who is bigger than our fear to have our back. That One is the Lord Jesus. I don’t know what your beliefs our friend but I do hope that you meditate on these things and consider their meaning.

    • I generally click the like button on the blogs of others under the guise of my other blog. Yet for some reason they always end up finding this blog in return, which is fine, but strange.

      I can appreciate the dedication you put forth towards your belief in Jesus. It’s admirable and must feel very good. And I appreciate that you want others to feel the same way, why wouldn’t you?

      Peace be with you dear friend…

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