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Sickly Feelings

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Forced meat shoved the bloated
Abdomen bursting the rot within
And the mouth goes frothing unleashed
The poison till shame has its way
In punishment the angel lands bleeding

Gutter scum festers boiling the brain
Like slime layers the insides of your
Heart pains the glorious scourge
Whip the lashing and the laughing
As death putrefies meaning and
Suffering sanctifies a purposeless life

Bludgeoned skulls litter the trash fields
Where loveless souls decay in scorching sun
Lights the darkness so that stains
Reveal crimes and rats scamper infested
Lice-riddled snatch for the spread
When the Devil arrives to spend
His discards for the luckless sucker

Crude mind game gut slicing the innards
Pour to the floor spatters the red dots drip
Blood gushing crimson trickle a lip’s edge
Like a maggot desires companionship
And a razor lacerates a wrist hoping
For rainbows of finality, the vaporizing dreams
Of a maturing child walking her
Last day to school before
The stifling terror of another day
Unleashes the violence of its fury


A Rainbow Appears Over the Cemetery

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The Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck (1990)

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Global Pandemic: In Pictures

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Covid-19 Statistics Part V: Flattening the Curve

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The numbers:

Difference in number of cases: 487,857 (32% increase)
-1% decrease rate

Difference in mortality: 38,351 (43% increase)
10% increase rate

Difference in recovery: 148,773 (45% increase)
28% increase rate

Total of “unknown” outcomes: 1,391,095
Ratio of mortality-to-total-known-outcomes: 1:5

280,000 mortalities projected from current number of unknown outcomes

We have our first negative percentage rate, appearing in the total number of cases, which is good news. The curve is starting to flatten, though the mortality rate is still persistent, which is unfortunate. Keep doing what you’re doing and the world will get better.

Be careful, stay positive, and as always, follow the CDC guidelines for staying healthy during this trying time.