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In Pursuit

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In Pursuit

Running and running through the empty streets with the wind blowing in my face, the water molecules collide with my skin and gets in my eyes, and my clothes get soggy and heavy as I go.

No one is following me.

I am chasing something.

A shadow of a person who may or may not exist.

The shadow I chase is the vision of everything I had ever hoped for, everything I dreamed of doing, and the shadow gets further and further away, the more that I chase.

Don’t stop for me, shadow, don’t prove yourself weak in your will; keep from me all that I hope, all that I dream, for I wouldn’t want anyone to think you were frail and incompetent.



Posted in poetry with tags on September 24, 2011 by Shadow

If the moon should appear
Or a distorted form take shape
From the depths of a dark hall
Like the terror that springs
From a misty fog
Or if razor teeth slice
Through softness
Springing blood
Beyond eyes thirsty
With relentless greed
Or when the horror
Of truth
Startles the senses
From the deepest sleep
Like jaws of a sea
Wide awake voracious
Nothing, above all
Is worse than the screaming