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Sickly Feelings

Posted in depression, life, love, poetry, writing with tags , , , , , on January 30, 2023 by Shadow

Forced meat shoved the bloated
Abdomen bursting the rot within
And the mouth goes frothing unleashed
The poison till shame has its way
In punishment the angel lands bleeding

Gutter scum festers boiling the brain
Like slime layers the insides of your
Heart pains the glorious scourge
Whip the lashing and the laughing
As death putrefies meaning and
Suffering sanctifies a purposeless life

Bludgeoned skulls litter the trash fields
Where loveless souls decay in scorching sun
Lights the darkness so that stains
Reveal crimes and rats scamper infested
Lice-riddled snatch for the spread
When the Devil arrives to spend
His discards for the luckless sucker

Crude mind game gut slicing the innards
Pour to the floor spatters the red dots drip
Blood gushing crimson trickle a lip’s edge
Like a maggot desires companionship
And a razor lacerates a wrist hoping
For rainbows of finality, the vaporizing dreams
Of a maturing child walking her
Last day to school before
The stifling terror of another day
Unleashes the violence of its fury


Pass Me By ~ A Video Poem

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Master of Disguise

Posted in life, love, personal, poetry, writing with tags , , , on May 5, 2018 by Shadow

I’m holding a sword now
But I’m queasy inside
I move and I’m understanding
A love that would strike me
Do I look like a knight?
Look how my veins are bleeding

Now I see it all so clear
There’s nothing in your eyes
You taught me what to be
A master of disguise

I stand at the threshold
But I can’t take a step
The truth has me down and shaking
A peace that eludes me
Am I supposed to be brave?
My desires are so aggravating

With a simple choice of words
I’m cold adrift the skies
You taught me what to be
A master of disguise

I’m facing the destruction
Exhausted I gaze
My body is an act without me
No silver lining in the clouds
Where I am supposed to go?
Into the open I’m never free

Through the crowd I’m waking
No longer am I diseased
In control I roll the dice
You taught me what I need to be
Without a soul or heart I am

A master of disguise


Posted in prose, writing with tags on April 17, 2010 by Shadow

“I can no longer feel emotions,” the ghastly figure stated with a gnarled, sickening voice, “I have summoned the powers of the void to remove the heart that beats.”

It stared at me, and nothing else happened. I wasn’t even certain the words were spoken aloud, or in my mind. In time I began to feel a great weight in my own heart, and the beating grew intense as though an explosion would occur in my chest. My eyes felt lethargic and my hands quivered with melting sensation, and I suddenly felt like a burst of heaven had entered into my being, that I had ventured into a nexus of never ending joy. I sensed the being luring me, as though my pain had been its pain, as though its pain had been mine. Was the being even there? I struggled to stand still and my legs felt like folding at the knees, and yet I was fixed in place, awaiting some need to be fulfilled. I wasn’t sure of resisting, and I wasn’t sure of acceding; I just wanted my pain taken away. I felt all the sorrows of my life, why I was in that godforsaken place, where at night the foul creatures roamed in search of souls to devour. Everything had come to rest in a fitful nightmare for myself that I realized, this grotesque thing before me, was my salvation, my angel of death.

“I will remove your heart,” it spoke, “and you will live peacefully in eternity, as I.”