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You know them, because you pass them by all the time.
Straggled like the scattered fragments of broken glass,
They are noticeable only because you know,
How you have to go.

Some blend with the soiled walls of the street,
Since they are too thin to be seen,
Their wary eyes rounded by the reception
Of a thousand hateful looks.

Sometimes a cold breeze will graze the skin
Of cheeks beneath the look of a distant memory,
When the thought of reaching out to a hand, extended,
Dissipates in the tears of painful regret.

You’ve seen this person, struggling for a friend,
Desperate for affection, from saying the wrong thing,
From believing the wrong thought, never having known,
Until it was too late — and you have to keep going
Because you know the consequences,
Of sharing a passing smile.

Somewhere they’ll turn up for the ocean salts,
To absorb the wealth of their sorrows,
Where the earth will offer the solace
That another person simply cannot.

Waves will crush against the sand,
And the gulls will glide their airy flights,
Passing at times in front of the sun.

But when the frigid night arrives,
When the myriad stars rain down their hollow sounds,
Do they herald the shades of those who are forgotten,



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Painful thoughts
My knife
A teardrop
Blood pools
She disappeared
Candlelight shadows
My funeral
Blend into night
The grave
I am lost
To feel
No comfort
My icy heart
Walled within

I curled myself alone into the bed before the soft moonlight, and thought of all the things we were going to do together.

I closed my eyes and remembered the day when you smiled from the shy ledge of an ocean rock, and the waves came and softened the sand around you.

I miss you.

I miss you so much.


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Pulled by the gravity of pain
Decided upon by death’s grip
Obliterated by the lonely hours
My soul is drawn to the grave

Each hour, each festering hour
Is the eternity of what will come
Is the eternity of what was
Is the eternity what forever is

In the spaces I see the shadows
The lost, the unloved eyes
Cold and vindictive by life’s
Eternal sea of shame

Each second, each festering second
Is the needle that punctures my skin
Is the knife that severs my flesh
Is the blade that slices my limbs

Drawn by the false promise
Of hope that things will change
My need to quell desperation
Is cured by taking your happiness