My Party

Everyone is invited, a festivity it will be
There will be cake, there will be wine
And for all my corpse to see

You’re all my guest, I’ve covered the costs
When you arrive, I’ll be alive
When you leave, I will have died

Please bring some friends, and live it up
Music will play, people will stay
For I am the show that’s to be

I’ll shake hands, and smile a lot
Be certain not, to forget anyone
I’m leaving this place for the next

No one should cry, I have my own will
It’s what I want, my final desire
Those who know me, they will comply

The party will be, happy and joyous
An end to the pain, new life to regain
My still body will provide all the proof

If in the night, suddenly awake
Upright in your bed, a recollection
I was happy to visit your dreams

Our hearty laughs, once under a tree
Or maybe we were, with all our friends
Your smile is what produced mine

Into the void my
Cherished lost memory
I can’t bear the loss
I’ve hidden it, no one can see
Getting back what is gone
Can simply not happen
I’m having a party
To celebrate my victory
Over pain, and undying


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