Suffocation by Sorrow

A shape permeating the wall diffused into the room.

Shadow and haze,
The tenuous form moved about,
Though I thought I perceived
The slightest facial expression towering,
Peering into my soul.

I staggered back, utterly shaken,
And my heart began to palpitate
With a ferocity I couldn’t have known
In one of my worst dreams.

The figure simply lingered, however,
As though plotting, plotting to take over my mind,
For the face I thought I perceived;
The eyes, the dark eyes growing
With a subtle power such that at one point,
I swore the Devil was looking past me,
Into to some void that existed
Within the fabric of the air I stood in.

But the shape grew.

No, the shape only appeared to grow,
For it began to exhibit a strange sway,
And I thought I heard the voice of the one I loved,
Causing such affections and emotions to fill me
With vast loneliness and despair.

A chill ran through my arms
And my tears iced upon my cheek.

Suddenly I felt the throng of suffocation,
And as I struggled to breath, I felt the cold wisps of black air
Choking my throat: I tried to scream but all was in vain.

I was dying.


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