My Emotions

When the waves crash, rolling in from the west, I see the black void that doesn’t even dissappear; it sits like a tangible pall of pain reflecting all of my lost desires and hopes. A ship might pass by in the thick distance, its tiny light searching through the murk of my thoughts, looking for me where I can’t be found. From one feeling to the next, each despair carries me to hope, and hope leads me back to the void where nothing exists. No one is there, and a wall extends high above me, coated with the wind-blown dust of my life. A short walk down a street where the yellow lamps outline circles on the ground at various spots; a cruel grin from some passerby who doesn’t know me; the dread of having to eventually turn around and walk home; how the madness seeps from the day before into the next, where the placid reality–the vigorous and vibrant pain–never escapes from the prison that is my mind.


One Response to “My Emotions”

  1. Your description of going back and forth from hope to despair is amazing. I love how your blend the visual with the emotional. Absolutely marvelous torture!

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